Although Andy, the founder of Defence4, has years of experience in Martial Arts, it was while working as a Door Supervisor he actually gained a lot of his experience in dealing with violence and some of the situations ended up with him questioning why some things worked and some did not. Years of research and training has ended up in the development of Defence4, what we believe to be one of the most comprehensive personal safety & defensive systems available. A lot of theory on personal safety is included in our training, which is normally only taught to Police and security personnel.

The Founder

Andy Manwaring, the founder of Defence4, has worked and been a trainer in a number of different sectors including the Military, Security, Education and Health & Social care, has over 38 years of experience in Martial Arts, having trained and taught all over the world. He has worked in the Security Industry as a Door Supervisor, Close Protection team leader and trainer, been a College Lecturer, as well as developing Qualifications, Training Trainers and Quality Assuring for a National Awarding Organisation. Andy has been a Consultant on Self Defence and Physical Intervention, developing techniques and risk assessing them for National Accreditation, for organisations such as; the NHS, Local Government, G4S, Police Defence Tactics trainers, Police Close Protection trainers and Police Special Operations (Counter Terrorist) trainers.

Affiniti Training   

Affiniti Training is our training company, we are registered with the UK Register of Learning Providers (UKRLP) and the Skills Funding Agency (SFA). We specialise in Safety Training Providing courses on: First Aid, Health and Safety, Personal Safety, Self Defence, Breakaway, Physical Intervention, Fire Safety, Food Safety, and Teaching/Trainers. We are based in Lancashire, but provide training Nationally. We provide National qualifications’ with a number of Awarding Organisations and Chartered Institutes, one of these being the ICM.   


The Institute of Conflict Management (ICM) is a not for profit, independent organisation incorporated to develop strategies and standards to help reduce, and where possible eliminate, the risk associated with incidents of challenging, aggressive and violent behaviours.The ICM works across all sectors and at all levels to achieve this aim.