Self Defence Courses

Each Self-Defence course is based on the most common attacks and tailored to the needs of the group; male, female, children & over 55s.

The pre-learning theory element is required to be covered prior to attending the training day. This can be done by completing the online e-learning or by reading through a workbook. A theory assessment must also be completed prior to attending the practical course. This enables you to take the theory in at your own pace, as well as providing you with a good foundation for what will be covered during the practical course.

Our Aim

To have the most comprehensive Self Defence course available!

  • Provides both awareness & practical defence
  • That utilizes the bodies natural reactions
  • Achievable in real situations of conflict
  • Easy to apply Breakaway Techniques
  • Covers common attacks for your demographic
  • Utilizes any prior training & preferences

Defence4 Over 55s, Children, Women, and Men

Personal Safety & Defence System

Personal Safety Awareness

Contributing factors to violence, colour codes, personal space, conflict zones, & defensive stances.

Violence in the Workplace

Definitions, the law, controls, types of aggression, social skills, fight or flight & the ‘Assault Cycle’.

Resolving Conflict

Barriers to communication, managing aggression, signs of escalation, de-escalation tools & post incident.

Personal Safety in the Community

When out walking, public transport, taxis, cars, cash machines, nights out & security at home .

Self Defence and the Law

UK Self-Defence Law, definitions, use of force, Human Rights Law, pre-emptive strikes & use of weapons.

Self Defence Theory

The body’s natural weapons, target areas, common attacks, common injuries, & national statistics.

Break Away/Self Defence skills

Dealing with punches, strikes & kicks, releases from holds, plus many more based on your needs.

Course Duration

The course is 1½ day in duration (9 hours + exam) or 1 day in duration (6 hours + 2-3 hrs online including exam)

Assessment Method & Certification

The assessment will be by observation of the practical elements throughout the course and the completion of a multiple choice question examination at the end of the course, (or at the end of the e-learning element). On successful completion of the course, delegates will receive a certificate of competence, through our ICM (Institute of Conflict Management) registered Quality Awards Centre, which is valid for 1 year. Because of the deterioration of practical skills, we recommend a refreshing of practice on an annual basis.

Why train with us?

Short Courses

Just 6 hours (plus pre course e-learning), delivered in one day or over a few weeks.

Specific Courses

The course content is based on the most common attacks for each group type

Easy to learn

The techniques are simple to learn, as they work with your natural reactions.

Accredited Courses

All techniques and courses meet the ICM standards.