Our Training Courses

All of our courses are constructed for the particular group they are delivered to. Each course has a basic required element and additional elements that can be taught if required. When we deliver training for a particular workplace, we require the commissioner of the training to complete a pre course questionnaire (needs risk analysis) of what the staff have to deal with (both physically and verbally) to determine what should be included during the training course to be delivered. This not only enables us to tailor the courses to the particular workplace, but it is a requirement of our ICM centre status. All techniques taught are risk assessed to the required ICM standard. Please click on the links below to find out more about the training we offer, including our work related Personal Safety, Conflict Management and Breakaway, Escorting and Guiding/Physical Intervention courses, our Self Defence courses, the short Train the Trainers courses or the Nationally Accredited Trainer Qualification. We can also deliver ‘In-House courses’, for companies, groups or organisations, either at one of our Training Centres or at your venue Nationally.


We offer a range of Self Defence courses each one is a Specific course designed for men, women, children or the over 55’s. The standard courses covering; Personal Safety, Resolving Conflict, Breakaway, Self Defence and the Law, theory and practical Self Defence skills.

Edged Weapons Defence

Our Edged Weapons Defence Courses provide both theory & practical defence that utilizes the bodies natural reactions. Achievable in situations of high conflict and nullifies the attacker as soon as possible. We offer two levels depending on your requirements; Principles of Edged Weapons (Awareness/Theory), and Principles and Practice of Edged Weapons (Awareness/Theory and Practical Defence).


We offer a range of Courses for the NHS and Health & Social Care settings, including; Childcare, Learning and Physical Disability, Dementia, Care homes, Supportive Living and Care at Home Services. Courses can include; Personal Safety, Dealing with Challenging Behaviour, De-escalation (Conflict Resolution), Breakaway, Guiding and Escorting (Physical Intervention).


We offer a range Courses for Education settings including; Early Years, Primary, Secondary and Further Education, for Mainstream, Alternative Provisions, SEN and Special schools. Courses can include; Personal Safety, Dealing with Challenging Behaviour, De-escalation, Breakaway, Guiding and Escorting (Physical Intervention).


We offer the Conflict Management training and the standard SIA (Security Industry Authority) Physical Intervention (Breakaway & Restraint) for the Private Security Industry (PSI). We also offer Advanced Defence and Restrictive Restraint, for more violent situations and environments, also dealing with edged weapons and multiple attackers. Please see the Trainer’s Page for the SIA Trainer Qualifications.

Train the Trainers

We offer a range of Train the Trainer courses for Self Defence, Personal Safety, Breakaway and Restraint, These short courses enabling you to deliver training in your own workplace or organisation. We also offer National Qualifications for the following; Teacher Training, Conflict Management training delivery and Physical Skills Trainers (that covers all sectors not just the SIA).