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Each Self-Defence course is based on the most common attacks and tailored to the needs of the group; male, female, children & over 55s.

The pre-learning theory element is required to be covered prior to attending the training day. This can be done by completing the online e-learning or by reading through a workbook. A theory assessment must also be completed prior to attending the practical course. This enables you to take the theory in at your own pace, as well as providing you with a good foundation for what will be covered during the practical course.

• Personal Safety Awareness

• Violence in the Workplace

• Resolving Conflict

• Personal Safety in the Community

• Self Defence and the Law

• Self Defence Theory

• Break Away/Self Defence skills

What these courses cover: Self Defence Woman Theft

Contributing factors to violence, colour codes, personal space, conflict zones, & defensive stances.

Definitions, the law, controls, types of aggression, social skills, fight or flight & the ‘Assault Cycle’.

Barriers to communication, managing aggression, signs of escalation, de-escalation tools & post incident.

When out walking, public transport, taxis, cars, cash machines, nights out & security at home .

UK Self-Defence Law, definitions, use of force, Human Rights Law, pre-emptive strikes & use of weapons.

The body's natural weapons, target areas, common attacks, common injuries, & national statistics.

Dealing with punches, strikes & kicks, releases from holds, plus many more based on your needs.

Course Duration

The course is 1½ day in duration (9 hours + exam) or 1 day in duration (6 hours + 2-3 hrs online including exam)

Assessment Method & Certification

The assessment will be by observation of the practical elements throughout the course and the completion of a multiple choice question examination at the end of the course, (or at the end of the e-learning element). On successful completion of the course, delegates will receive a certificate of competence, through our ICM (Institute of Conflict Management) registered Quality Awards Centre, which is valid for 1 year.

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When enquiring please specify whether you require a course for: Men, Women, Children, or Over 55s.

To become a trainer for these courses please see our trainers page