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Self Defence Block
Self Defence Stance against Attacker
Self Defence Multiple Restraint

All courses are certificated through Affiniti Training, all techniques are risk assessed and meet the ICM National Standards, this costs just £5 per learner and includes the full use of our online pre-course learning management system, which teaches and assesses the theory elements prior to the learners attending the practical course. Trainers who are full members of the ICM (Level 3 Instructors) automatically have their certificates accredited through our ICM Quality Awards Centre (ICM-QAC).


Trainers Qualification

Qualifications for Trainers who want to be qualified to deliver training in any sector (not just in house). We offer a full range of qualifications giving trainers the confidence, skills and qualifications to deliver; Training, Conflict Management and Physical skills, Accredited by National Awarding organisations and Chartered Institutes.

Train the Trainers

Our train the trainer courses are shorter than the qualification courses, but only allow the trainer to deliver training within their own organisation or workplace. The courses you are training to deliver are the same content and risk assessed to the same ICM standard. Courses are certificated through Affiniti Training, ours ICM Quality Awards centre.